Monday, February 6

Tabby gets a factory reset

I spent my weekend tinkering on my Samsung Galaxy Tab because it was unusually slow. I remember that a day before, a lot of my apps had updated and it could be the reason for the lag. I decided to just back-up my contacts and docs and just reset everything. It was really such a hassle doing so but, on the other hand, it really helped me accomplish the app cleanup I was planning eons ago, haha!

So, after the reset, I just installed each of my favorite apps from the Android Market. I didn't do a back-up because I didn't know which app causes the lag. Anyway, the data from my important apps are saved on my SD card and it was easy to import them back to the app.

Times have changed. I can't live without my Tabby anymore. My Google calendar and documents are synchronized to my Tab so it really helps me in my work. Gone were the days when all I ever needed to be efficient was my citizen watch.

Are you also dependent on your smartphone?

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