Tuesday, February 7

Effects of Undersleeping

I have been undersleeping lately. It's actually a sacrifice for me because I helped my boy finish his school tasks. Instead of him sleeping late and waking up at 4:40 a.m. the following day, it's me who has to stay up and do the dirty work. Dirty work includes putting animation effects in his Powerpoint presentation and formatting and printing his researches among others. He's just in 5th Grade, by the way. But I digress.

The past week, I felt the bad effects of undersleeping. My immune system has gone weak and I have been sniffing and sneezing for three days already. I also feel sleepy in the daytime but I also can't take a nap because I easily get rattled even by minimal noise. I feel nauseous when I'm in the car.

Research shows that undersleeping directly affects the way our brain performs during the day. Lack of sleep causes memory lapses, headaches, weakened immune system, increased blood pressure, and aching muscles. It also increases the risk of diabetes and fibromyalgia.

So, good night, people! I need to sleep now and start getting enough sleep from now on. This cd duplication task I need to do can wait till tomorrow.

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