Saturday, February 25

Apple juice cleansing, Day 5 (Gallstone flush update)

It's now the 5th day of the gallstone flush process I started last Tuesday. I have consumed at least a liter of pure apple juice a day. I am still eating my usual diet and drinking 10 glasses of distilled water.

During the first two days, I felt a vague pain on my right abdomen just below the ribcage. I know that it's my liver reacting to the apple juice that I've been drinking. As I have written in my previous post, the gallstone flush recipe is also a liver cleanse recipe.

On Day 3 and 4, I experienced constipation which is very unusual for me. Normally, I would move my bowels easily after I have my morning coffee but the past two days had me really sweating as I did "number 2."

Today is the fifth day and I'm on my last liter of apple juice. I have moved my bowels three times this morning and it's not like I'm having diarrhea or something. It really looked like my colon got rid of the waste inside it and I feel incredibly light. The bloated feeling that I've been feeling these past few days is gone

Tomorrow, I'll be on a complete fast from 2 pm until the next day. We're going out tomorrow for my son's history quiz bee but, nevertheless, the fast will push through. I'll just bring my water and epsom salt just in case I don't make it home at 6 in the evening for my first epsom salt mixture drink.

Stay tuned for my update on Monday. As for photos, we'll see. I might post photos if they're not too gross, hehehe.

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3 sweet comments:

Archer Sabaduquia said...

Thanks for your update. Actually apple juice is very effective when it comes to flushing your gallstones. This is what my aunt has been taking and she saved herself from surgery.
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Isabellacsam said...

hi ms. mauie. i have a gallstone on my bile duct and was thinking of flushing it in a natural way. i am just wondering what happened on your cleansing? does it successfully flushed out your gallstones? thanks in advance. by the way, i'm isah. 

Mauie Flores said...

Hi, Isah. Before I did the cleanse, I had an ultrasound that showed no gallstones in my gallbladder nor in the bile duct. I had fatty liver, though, so my doctor did not advise the steps on the last day (olive oil + epsom salt + lemon juice). The apple juice cleansing was enough to help cleanse my liver. I was alarmed of some reports about patients having their bile ducts blocked after the cleanse. I believe it is not advisable if the gallstones are already big. It would be best to seek advise from a medical professional.