Tuesday, November 1

Saving up by repairing

Right now, my laptop is a vital tool in my career. That's why I almost lost my sanity the other day when it died down on me. I thought the computer crashed which only meant me losing all my files but, no. It literally died down on me because it lost power. I didn't notice that I run out of battery juice because I knew I kept it plugged in . Turns out, my laptop adapter had broken wires.

I knew I had to buy a laptop adapter right away but it would cost me 3K just to replace it with an original. Even the universal laptop adapters cost around a thousand bucks. I decided to repair it instead. I cracked the housing open, cut the broken wires, reconnected it, and voila! It's back up and working! Of course, I only had to seal it with an electric tape for lack of a heat shrink tubing. What's important is that it works! I definitely saved myself a thousand bucks for that!

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1 sweet comments:

Jonha Revesencio said...

Ha! I love to save a lot so this hack sure impress me. You did impress me ;) Well done for finding a way to fix it. Yay!