Wednesday, July 13

This Itchy Contact Dermatitis

It's not unusual for me to have skin rashes once in a while, especially during the hot summer months. My skin gets irritated to dust and even to my own sweat. But those instances were manageable and the itchiness is not that annoying. This time, however, got me large patches of reddish rash on the left side of my neck and they itch like h3ll! It's so itchy that I'm having a hard time sleeping at night. So this morning, I finally went to the clinic to have it checked.

Doc says I may have contact dermatitis which is, according to Wikipedia, a term for the skin's reaction to allergens or irritants. The doctor is not sure yet because she still needs to rule out if it's a fungal infection or not but she's more convinced that it is an allergic reaction because the rashes look more like hives.

So tomorrow, I'm scheduled for a series of lab tests. According to her request, I would need an allergy/hypersensitivity test and a KOH test (skin scraping). I was also supposed to have only the standard blood test to rule out an infection (I was down with the flu over the weekend) but my blood pressure was high this morning at 140/100 so doc also requested to have an overall check of my stats. The works, I tell you! Lemme see, the request says CBC, PH, rurl, FBS, lipid profile, BUA, SGPT, SGOT, and creatinine.

I'm so glad that our health card covered everything! Just imagine if I had to pay in cash for all of these tests, my goodnes! I wonder whether Hormone replacement therapy is covered or not. I think I'll be needing that in a couple of years. That means, when I'm menopausal already, haha!

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