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New Head &Shoulders Anti-Hairfall For Him & For Her

Men and women have different routines when it comes to grooming. In our household alone, my toiletries are different to that of my husband's. He prefers anti-bacterial soap while I love beauty bars. I can't shower without conditioning my hair but he believes using it makes his hair limp and oily. If there's one thing we agree on, that would be using an anti-dandruff shampoo. We are loyal users of Head & Shoulders that's why I'm so happy that our favorite anti-dandruff shampoo now has For Him and For Her variants.

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I was at the media launch of the new Head & Shoulders variants which was held last July 6 at the Mandarin Oriental. Present at the event were long-time Head & Shoulders brand ambassador, Angel Locsin, and its newest endorser, John Lloyd Cruz. Both have confirmed that they have different hair grooming needs but agree that they both have found "The One" in Head & Shoulders.

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Head & Shoulders Anti-Hairfall For Him and For Her
brand ambassadors, John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin.
Head & Shoulders Brand Manager, Ms. Carla Sia, explains that Head & Shoulders Anti-Hairfall For Her has been specifically designed to care for women's hair which is more prone to breakage. It has more conditioning ingredients to strengthen hair while, at the same time, getting rid of dandruff. Meanwhile, hairfall in men is often caused by constant scratching because of excess sebum in the scalp that causes dandruff. Head & Shoulders Anti-Hairfall For Men has optimized conditioning technology combined with HydraZinc technology that targets dandruff while keeping the hair grease-free.

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Ms. Carla Sia being interviewed by host, Sam YG (Shivaker).

Also present in the event was Dr. Jasmine Karsono, Principal Scientist and Manager of P&G Beauty's Hair Care Scientific Communications and she taught Angel, John Lloyd, and all the media present about the importance of scalp massage in dandruff control. I'm so guilty of this, actually. Because I'm often in a hurry, I don't take time to massage my scalp while shampooing. I learned from Dr. Karsono that the massage part is important to induce proper blood circulation in the scalp and to make it more receptive to nutrients and to the active ingredients of the anti-dandruff shampoo.

2011-07-06 Head and Shoulders LowRes (10)
Dr. Karsono teaches John Lloyd Cruz the proper way of massaging the scalp.
Head & Shoulders Anti-hairfall For Him and For Her are available in all leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide. Suggested retail price (SRP) is at Php 119 for a 200 ml bottle.

View the rest of the event photos here.

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