Thursday, June 30

Happy 100 Years, NIVEA!

I vividly remember the blue tin can that made my mother's eyes gleam with joy back when I was a little girl. NIVEA Creme was her favorite balikbayan box pasalubong because it was a vital part of her beauty regimen. NIVEA Creme became our special skin cream, too. But since it was just for mom and it's often kept inside her make-up bag, I would secretly dip my finger inside the tin can every once in a while. Yep, Mama was somehow madamot of her kikay stuff back then especially if it was her NIVEA creme!

Nivea Creme2

But don't you know that back in 1911 when NIVEA Creme was first launched, the tin can wasn't blue at all? NIVEA Creme was first packaged in a yellow tin can decorated with green art nouveau tendrils. The blue tin can was first introduced in 1925 as NIVEA sought for a more contemporary design.

Nivea Tin Evolution

Just as the tin can evolved, NIVEA also added more reliable skin care products under their name. People of different gender, age, and skin type now enjoy a wide variety of NIVEA skin care products.

Nivea Extra Whitening Inner Cell Repair Body MilkNivea UV Protection Body Lotion

Nivea Visage Sparkling White Facial Wash

Nivea Visage Sparkling White Whitening Day Care1

NIVEA Visage Sparkling White 1

NIVEA Deo Pure and Natural action

NIVEA Baby Pure and Natural wipes 1

Nivea Sun protection line

As their first 100 years have shown, NIVEA provides Skin Care for Life, regardless of who and what you are. Happy 100 Years, NIVEA! I'm sure there'll be greater things in store for all of us NIVEA fans.

To know more about NIVEA's 100 years, you can visit or the NIVEA for Women Facebook page.

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