Wednesday, May 25

Zumba Fitness on Wii

Two weeks ago, I received an invite to attend a Zumba Fitness workout event in Makati. Unfortunately, it was happening on the day of my boy's birthday so I had to decline. I was interested to go because I've heard so much about Zumba from my friends. They said that it's an enjoyable dance workout.

Since I'm not going to the gym anymore after I had my Wii Fit, I thought of just looking for Zumba Fitness game for Wii. I found one in Amazon but I still have to wait for more Paypal funds because it costs $32.99 minus the shipping. I may opt to go to Greenhills instead to find a copy.

A friend told me that it's more effective to do the Zumba while taking fat burner supplements. I need to research on that and maybe read an oxyelite pro review to see if it's safe for me.

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