Friday, May 27

Off to Subic

I'll be spending the weekend in Subic since we'll be joining my husband's company outing. Their activity is only for Saturday but I booked ourselves a hotel for the night so we can finally try the Tree Top Adventure the following day. We failed to visit it the last time we were there in 2008.

I'm excited because I so need a break from all these editing and writing tasks I'm doing. Not to mention that I also bring my boy twice a week to his summer classes plus the countless household errands that I made. Pimples are already appearing on my face because of all the stress! Do you know how to get rid of pimples overnight? I look horrible and it will be the first time for me to meet my husband's officemates, gah!

Hay, I can't wait to be in Subic even just for a weekend! Till my next update!

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