Friday, March 25

Ready for the outdoors

In one of our few impulsive buying moments, the husband and I bought a big camping tent and sleeping pads good enough for the three of us! Now the problem is, we haven't got an idea where to camp out, hahaha!

I was thinking of having a road trip to Ilocos Norte this coming Lent but it dawned on me that my husband would not enjoy it. Plus, it would probably take a huge toll on our car maintenance budget. So I did some research and found two beach resorts in Batangas that have camping sites.

The boys are excited over the idea of us camping by the beach. It's indeed awfully more inconvenient than staying in the resorts' comfy rooms. But then I realized that our boy needs this camping trip. He's overly sheltered in the city already. It's time he gets introduced to the outdoors.

What do you think? Do you know of camping sites near Metro Manila other than the ones in Batangas?

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