Monday, March 28

All for the love of Ducati

I am not a cigarette smoker. The only one who's smoking in the house is our houseboy. Although I have no control over his lifestyle choices, my only rule is that for him to smoke outside our property. Every time he smokes, he goes to the vacant lot beside our house.

This time, however, I have to give in to his smoking-related request. Marlboro has this raffle contest that he wanted to join. But since he has no government ID yet, he asked me to fill up the raffle entries for him. I instantly fell in love with the Ducati which is the grand prize! Our agreement was, if he wins that Ducati, he'll sell the bike to me at an uber low price. In fact, all he wanted was just enough to buy himself a laptop. He wants the Macbook, by the way.

I may even buy my helper Acid cigars should there be another raffle, lol! Who doesn't love a Ducati anyway?

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