Monday, February 21

Summer Skin Diseases

In the car on the way home from Clark's 16th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, my skin started to itch like crazy. By the end of the 2-hour drive I got rashes on my arms and legs. I thought that it was just skin allergy from the sudden change in temperature. It was cloudy that day in the air strip then the sun's rays that afternoon in the car was scorching. I took an antihistamine tab that night but the rashes stayed. I still have them even more than a week after that trip. Summer is definitely here! Sadly, so are the skin diseases it brings.

Is this scorching summer heat taking its toll on your skin? Here are some things you can do to help relieve thee uncomfy feeling:
  • Protect your skin from the sun. Getting sunburned is such a pain, literally! Apply sunblock especially on exposed areas such as the face, neck, and arms. Keep an umbrella or a hat handy.
  • Bring your meds anywhere you go. I always keep a few tabs of Loratadine with me just in case anyone in the family develops hives or rashes. Calamine lotion should also be in the bag to treat the itchies.
  • Hydrate and moisturize. Drink lots of water or eat watery fruits and vegetables to keep your skin hydrated. Moisturize your skin with lotion (I recommend a water-based moisturizer during the hot months) to prevent your skin from being dry. Dry skin is more prone to itching.

Here's to welcoming the summer season without the itch!

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drewbitsko said...

Summer really brings lot of weakness with him. Thanks you gave something to protect from tag removal