Monday, February 14

The Over-priced Vacuum Cleaner

Yesterday, a salesman came to visit our home to perform a demo of the product he was selling. This product, as he explained, is a vacuum cleaner and air purifier rolled into one. I already bought a small vacuum cleaner last year and it was the one that you can typically see being sold in the home TV shopping network. It only cost us Php 2,500.

Now, the salesman claims that this vacuum cleaner cum air purifier of his was better than what we were already using. First it doesn't have a dust bag. Instead, the water inside the apparatus catches all the dust that is being sucked in. I was quite impressed, as a matter of fact. I hate dust and I seldom do the cleaning around here because I get skin allergies easily.

So, anyway, he went on to demonstrate the other features that the product can do. He mopped the tiles in our living room, vacuumed the couch, brushed and sprayed the window screens, dusted the table lamp, and enveloped the room with a lovely apple scent. I almost went upstairs to get my checkbook but I was taken aback when I heard how much it would cost us. Believe it or not, it supposedly costs 140 thousand pesos.

I was disappointed beyond words. You know how it feels when you're already excited about making a purchase and then realizing that you just can't afford it? And besides, I don't think I won't buy it even if I had loads of cash. I can buy so many things with that money. I can already get the flower lamp that we were planning to buy last year when we had the renovations and so much more!

As much as I feel sorry for him for not closing the deal, I believe that we have to set our financial priorities straight. It's overpriced and we don't need it. End of rant.

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