Tuesday, February 15

Online Fax Service

My husband and I are quite excited to be starting a business by May this year. We're actually planning to start an internet shop since he's in IT and I'm in the online writing business. We're fortunate to have found a place that's just a few blocks away from home and is just outside the village gate. Plus, the owner of the commercial area also lives in our village so we already had the opportunity to talk to them even during the early stages of construction of the place. We're still waiting for construction to be done this summer. The timing's just okay for me because with Rap staying home, I have more time to go out and deal with the business registration stuff.

Now, here's one dilemma. The people living near the area told us that we might not be able to get PLDT DSL as internet provider. We still have wireless broadband to back us up. What I'm really disappointed about if this happens is that I will not be able to have a landline number where I can hook up a fax machine so I can also offer fax services. Also, I have long wanted to have a fax machine for our personal needs. I researched faxing stats in the Philippines and the ratio is only 0.51 per 1000 Filipinos. In our village alone, not one commercial establishment offers fax services to their clients.

I'm looking into the possibility of getting an Online Fax Service provider but I'm not yet sure if there's already one available in the country. I hope I find one before we start our business this May.

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