Saturday, January 15

Our Home For The Weekend

In celebration of our 11th wedding anniversary, our small family of 3 is bileted at The Legend Villas for the weekend. We were fortunate to have arranged an early check-in and late check-out the following day. What made us more happy was that The Legend Villas still has their 40% promo until tomorrow!

Legend Villas Premier Suite

2010-01-15 Happy Anniversary LR-5

24/7 free wifi @ The Legend Villas

2010-01-15 Happy Anniversary LR-15

The Legend Villas swimming pool

Since my husband and I promised each other that we'll spend this weekend with our boy work-free and worry-free, I have to leave my small office table with this cute pendant lighting now and join them in our private jacuzzi. Oh yeah, I'm loving this kind of life. Even if it's just for this weekend.

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