Sunday, January 16

My Buffet Banquet Strategy

We're still at the Legend Villas and we'll be checking out at 6 p.m. tonight. Thank goodness there's 24/7 free wifi here! Anyway, we have just come back from availing our complimentary buffet breakfast and hearing mass at the nearby St. Francis of Assisi Parish. We still feel full up to this hour that we decided to go swimming and just eat lunch later this afternoon.

For me, buffet banquets are a hassle especially since I'm trying to lose weight. But since the breakfast came free with our accommodations for this weekend, I have no choice but to take it. However, I think I did well in sticking to my diet and only eating what I can.

Here's you can do to enjoy a buffet banquet without going overboard and spoiling your diet:
  • Drinks come first. Drinking a glass of water before eating fills the tummy in an instant so there'll be less cravings to eat more.
  • More fiber, less carbs. Eat more vegetables and less rice. Filipino viands often taste better when they're eaten with rice so it takes a great deal of courage to resist doing so. Have a fruit platter for dessert and skip the desserts table.
  • Eat a little of everything (except for the carbs). It's a buffet, anyway. At least you get to taste all the food without ruining your diet. =)
It would also help to drink tea after to help you in digestion. You can also take a carnitine supplement to help you burn the fat that you gained from all that eating.

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