Saturday, November 20

The Street With No Name

It's always been bothersome for me to give my friends and relatives directions going to our place. Our home, you see, is built in a relatively new village which was once a huge industrial factory. We have been living here for 3 three years already and the streets still have no name. So, up to now, we only have our lot and block numbers in our address.

I am seriously thinking of having an address sign installed on our gate even with just the block and lot numbers on it. I can imagine how convenient it can be not only for the pizza delivery guy but also for me (so I can stop saying green gate, green house, two cars...), LOL! I am not even dreaming of one like the ornate home address plaques I saw in Ayala Alabang Village before. Just a simple address plaque will do.

Can you recommend any affordable supplier? I don't want to buy the ones available in the market because I still want ours to be custom-made.

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