Thursday, November 18

Do diet pills work?

I've had weight issues since I was a teenager. I was never active in sports because I was always tired. Even walking a kilometer to and from school every day did not help in giving me my ideal weight. Since I was still uneducated of my condition back then, I was easily convinced into taking in diet pills to lose the unwanted pounds. In high school, I took phentermine. Some of my friends were taking it. It did not only help me lose weight but it also help keep me awake during the nights that I needed to study.

When I stopped taking it, the unwanted pounds did not only come back but it also doubled. To answer the question: "do diet pills work, I say YES. Yes, they do but you have to be prepared for the consequences. Diet pills seem to be the easiest way to lose weight but it still takes dedication to keeping the pounds off after the pill.

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