Thursday, November 11

On antibiotics again

Last Sunday, I had a huge tummy ache that made me feverish and nauseous the whole night. I felt the pain on the right lower quadrant of my abdomen and it was impossible for me to sit up straight or lie down comfortably. My doctor had my urine and blood tested and it showed that I have an infection. I also had my kidneys checked and I am still waiting for the ultrasound results as of the moment.

Once again, the results showed protein in my urine. I'm hoping that it's just one of the urinary tract infections I get ever so often. The doc is ruling out appendicitis, too. For the meantime, she had me take 500 milligrams of Levofloxacin once a day for 7 days. She said that it's a strong antibiotic that will cure the infection right away. Well, it should be effective because it's SO EXPENSIVE! Unfortunately, I paid for the meds this time because I already reached the limit of my health insurance. Now, instead of buying one, I will just admire the contemporary coffee tables in Mandaue Foam Center and wish the one I'm eyeing will still be there by January. Sigh!

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1 sweet comments:

Meikah said...

Hi, Mauie! Long time no see! I hope you're feeling much better now. :)

Take care!