Monday, October 11

Wiki Writer No More

Sorry, but I had to post about this. I am just filled with joy about this new blessing. Come to think about it, the 5-month writing contract I renewed today would last until March of 2011 which means I'll have enough money until my youngest brother graduates. Now, that's not all. I was also surprised to learn that my former editor passed on her torch, so to speak, to me! I will not be writing articles anymore. Instead, I'll be editing them!

Currently, I will be the editor of health and wellness portal of our wiki prroject. My team and I will need to produce a prescribed number of articles per week and they are subject to the approval of the copy editors and the project head. I will also need to write from time to time.

This week started great for me. Hope you also enjoyed your Monday!

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1 sweet comments:

agent112778 said...

way to go ate!!!! keep it up

(paki share naman how, so that i can have this blessing too)