Monday, October 11

Mobile Google Maps

I went to the office this morning to attend a writing workshop and to renew my contract. I was already running late but it was hard to get a cab from my place to Quezon City. What I did was to just ride the G-Liner and initially planned to get off at Santolan so I just can take a cab there and take the New Manila route to QC.

I did not get off at Santolan and just got off at SM Centerpoint in Sta. Mesa. What changed my mind? Well, the traffic made me browse the Internet on my mobile. I was too bored that I got to play with the Google Maps app on my phone. Right there I discovered that with Google Maps, my phone instantly became a GPS device. I instantly found the shortest route which saved me bucks in cab fare!

I may not see steel buildings in the mobile version like when I would browse using the web version but the app was a big help to me this morning. Woot for mobile technology!

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