Wednesday, October 13

TV For Sale?

The husband is a TV addict. I think most men are. It's really not much of a problem for me because I always give him uninterrupted TV viewing every time he's off from work. I believe he deserves it and it's the cheapest R&R, way cheaper and more practical than watching movies in the cinema.

He wants to buy the GanzKlar LCD TV that he saw in the mall last weekend. I know that he wants it real bad because he sometimes tells me that he'll buy it. My only problem is that it is so expensive! We made a deal. He can buy the new TV once we're able to sell the 29" TV we now have in the living room. He tells me it's old but it was bought only in 2006! I'm thinking of selling it online or offering it in an online auction. What do you think?

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