Friday, August 13

When a door closes

A writing contract with one of my local clients ended just recently. I would have wanted to do more writing projects for that client but I understand how business is nowadays. I just hold on to the assurance that I will be contacted soon for once business picks up again.

When one door closes, another opens. I sure hope so. I still have one local client and another foreign client so I still have things to thank for. It's still 8 months to go before my youngest brother graduates from college so I need this steady stream of income. I won't mind reading about spring plungers for hours as long as I have a sure writing project.

I'm feeling kinda down about it but I loaded up my music playlist with happy songs to up my mood a little. I also feel comfort in the fact that I will have more time to update my blogs and take care of my boys. Bear with me, please.

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