Wednesday, August 4

We're ready for the Mommy Milkshake Marathon 2010!

After waking up from my nap upon returning to Manila this morning, I went to the Creative Juice office to pick up our running kits. Rap and I are joining the Mommy Milkshake Marathon this Sunday and we're so excited. (The husband has to work that day.) For one, this is a first for both of us. Secondly, this marathon is one-of-a-kind because it's kid-friendly and it supports the breastfeeding advocacy. We have only signed up for the 3k marathon because I don't want my boy to get tired on his first run. We're looking forward to seeing other families - moms, dads, tots, grandpas, and grandmas, run on Sunday!

Running is one of the best fat burners there is. However, let me remind you that a lot of preparations have to be done before running. Aside from having the right gear, runners should also prepare their bodies for the strenuous task ahead. Runners should also pick the marathons that they join and make sure that organizers have made the extra effort to ensure enough hydration stations and first aid terminals. A month ago, a friend died while running the 21k race of the 2010 Milo Marathon. Remus Fuentes was a former officemate of my husband and we've known him to be physically fit . That's why news of his death came as a complete shock. He was overly dehydrated which was blamed on the lack of hydration stations. And he wasn't given immediate first aid because there was no ambulance in sight.

This were the major considerations I had to think about before signing up for this Sunday's fun run. Unlike professional marathons, Mommy Milkshake is not a time-based race. Rather, special awards are given like Most pregnant runner, Breastfeeding runner, Pink family, Youngest runner, Eldest runner, Most energetic child, among others. I'm sure Rap and I will just be walking towards the end, but who cares? At least, I know that we'll have fun aside from supporting a good cause and having a great workout!

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