Thursday, August 5

No, he's not vain.

My husband is not vain. In fact, I keep on bugging him to be one. Or at least have a facial treatment every once in a while. This is why I was so happy when he finally agreed on having one while we were bumming around in SM Megamall last Friday. Guess what made him give in and have his facial done in Beauty and Butter?

It's the free use of the salon's Apple iPad, hahaha! Customers get to use the iPad for every treatment worth 500 pesos or more. My husband's facial was only 350 pesos (and that's inclusive of the anti-aging mask) but I had my facial, foot spa, and pedicure done so our bill was more than a thousand bucks.

Finally, I got to bond with my spouse in a salon. He has also finally realized the value of getting a facial since he observed how his skin got cleaner and clearer after his treatment. After this, I might also influence him into blogging. I should probably start sending him some zencore links to read at Mens Blog Talk to get some ideas. What do you think?

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