Monday, August 2

3 Nights Away From My Boys

Hello from sunny Naga City! I arrived this morning to take care of some personal transactions in this city. I'm glad that it only took a day for me to run around the municipal complex and to finish my transactions. I regret not wearing my comfy ecco shoes today. Oh well... I'll be hopping on the bus to Manila tomorrow night and be reunited with my boys.

It's my first time to travel alone in more than a decade. Although I can say that it awakened the wanderlust and adventurous spirit in me, I still can't deny the fact that it took me ages to sleep decently just because my boys aren't with me. It's true that you'll realize a person's worth when you're not with them. Argh... 2 more nights to go. I can't wait to get home and hug them!

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