Friday, July 9

My Latest Kikay Favorite: Human Nature's Royal Jelly and Aloe Vera Night Moisturizer

This is what I have been putting on my face after washing and toning it at night. I noticed that my skin is more supple and smoother to the touch in the morning upon using it. I believe it's because of it's royal jelly and aloe vera content. Recently, I also discovered that I cannot only use it as a facial night cream but also a a special moisturizer for my feet! Yup, it does the same wonders just as putting petroleum jelly and wearing socks at night for smoother soles. I didn't even wear socks and my feet were smoother than usual the next day.

Other than its huge moisturizing benefits, what urged me to buy this product (and other Human Nature products for that matter) is the advocacy behind it. All of the company's beauty products use all-natural ingredients grown by Filipino farmers and are later on packed by underprivileged residents of Gawad Kalinga sites. In doing so, I do not only keep myself pretty but I also help create jobs for fellow Filipinos.

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