Saturday, July 10


While at the ladies room in Sm Megamall the other night, I noticed small and long patches at the base of my neck. I'm not sure if it's an-an (tinea flava) or another fungal skin infection but I know deep inside that it's not just a normal case of skin discoloration. The patches are not itchy though. An-an or not, I'm treating it now with an over the counter anti-fungal cream just to be sure.

It's humiliating, I know. I'd prefer to have adult acne over an-an, if you ask me. I think the sponge I use for applying foundation may be the culprit. I wash it with soap and water after every use but there was a time when I washed it at night and I dried the sponge inside the bathroom with the windows closed. A perfect breeding ground for fungi, I know. I hope the patches go away soon.

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