Monday, June 21

The Wheatgrass Project

It's the 6th day since I started cultivating my wheatberries. My first batch of seeds have now grown to as high as long as my fingers. I'm excited to juice them up and drink its healthy juices. I'm glad I still have the green thumb in me. Growing the grass is actually not at all complicated but our hot weather isn't helping much. I think my grass grows slower than my supplier's grass since it's cold in Baguio.

By the way, if you're interested in growing your own wheatgrass, you can buy some from Arvin Gray, the Wheatgrass King. Look up Green Juice Baguio in Facebook to know more. You can also see his contact details in the photo below.

I have already written about the benefits of drinking wheatgrass juice in an earlier post. Just recently, I read that wheatgrass juice can be used as an acne treatment. It also says that wheatgrass juice can cure acne scars. I'm not just sure if the juice must be applied on the acne scars itself to promote healing. What the article maintains, however, is that a proper diet should supplement drinking wheatgrass juice to achieve full healing of acne.

I will write more updates once my grass is full grown. In the meantime, why don't you try growing your own wheatgrass? You'll not only be growing healthy food but will have a therapeutic activity as well.

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