Wednesday, June 23

My Mobile Office

You can probably guess where I am writing this right now just by looking at that photo above. I'm in my mobile office! Today, my mobile office is along one of the busiest streets in Makati. I'm waiting for someone then I'm off to other errands after. I brought my work with me and my files are all in my hard drive, both internal and external. Such is the life of a freelance writer.

A friend whom I was chatting with yesterday is wanting to have this kind of job. I did not fully recommend it to him because of the fact that he is a family man. "Expect days of plenty and more days of drought when you are a freelancer," I told him. Sometimes, it takes more than a month before I get paid for a writing project. I was just lucky to have landed a "permanent" freelance writing gig.

It's still my husband who's paying all of the bills and I give him so much credit for that. Up to now, I'm still in the process of buying my work-at-home paraphernalia. My recent purchase was a Brother 4-in-1 printer that came with a document scanning software. I needed the scanner to have my printed references scanned and kept as electronic files in my hard drive. That way, i can write wherever I can without bringing the bulky papers with me. I'm now saving for a 1 TB external hard drive to free up my laptop's drive.

The tools are just half of my investments in freelance writing. I still didn't count the money I spent buying coffee so I can type my words away in a coffee shop while waiting for a client or bringing my son to his music class. I asked my friend, "Can you live with this uncertain work environment?" I'm still waiting for his "Yes." How about you? Would you want this kind of work?

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