Monday, April 26

There's more to the Philippines than Boracay

I am still in Bacolod City and we'll still be staying here until the 29th. This trip was more tiring than I expected. We started touring almost the whole of Negros Occidental to visit my husband's relatives as it is our first time to visit this part of the Philippines.

One of the town that we visited was Sipalay City. It was a welcome surprise that we were brought to a part of the city where the white sandy beaches are. The place reminded me of Boracay before the bars and the crowds sprouted in the island.

The white beach of Sipalay,however, was smaller than Boracay. It was just a few kilometer stretch of white sandy beach. You will not need to ride a boat to reach it but it approximately takes four hours to reach Sipalay from Silay City where the provincial airport is.

Though I experienced internet-less days in that small paradise, I can honestly say that I enjoyed the experience I had away from work and everything else. It gave me a chance to bond with my family. Heck, I didn't even care if I'll need blackhead treatments after the days I spent under the sun.

I am going to post photos as soon as I get back to Manila. Stay tuned! :)

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Unknown said...

cant wait to view the pics!yes there is truly a lot more in the phils than boracay!