Tuesday, May 4

A domesticated diva once again!

If ever you're wondering why I am not able to update this blog more often, it's because my trusted houseboy is on his month-long vacation. It's his turn to have his much-needed rest after our return from Bacolod. So aside from doing my writing tasks and editing and uploading our vacation photos, I am also trying to keep my sanity intact while keeping the house spic and span. How do I keep sane amidst all the work I have to do? I daydream that I'm back where I was a week ago. And that is in Sipalay, the white beach I wrote about a week ago.

Upon waking up, I realize that there are chores to do even before my boy wakes up for breakfast. I tried walking our enormous American Pitbull this morning and I promised myself never to walk the dog again. My goodness, I almost lost my mind when it slipped itself off its collar! I had the presence of mind to wrap the chain of the leash on his neck until I was able to slip the collar back on again. I cannot imagine what could've been if I wasn't able to put the dog back inside its kennel again. Gah!

It's almost dinner time, I'm glad my mother-in-law cooked dinner for us tonight. Of course, I should wash the dishes after. Hmmm.... maybe I should pretend that I have pretty stone sinks than the boring stainless steel ones I have in my kitchen. I think I'll be like this until Junin gets back.

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