Monday, February 15

Stock Up on Summer Fruits!

We don't even need the weather bureau to tell us that summer is officially here in the Philippines! I think the hot summer days are early this year, especially with the onset of the El NiƱo phenomenon. While it is but natural to worry about drought and the scarcity of water supply that is to come, it should also be natural for us to be concerned about our body's hydration during these times. A perfect way to keep hydrated this summer is by eating juicy summer fruits!

Summer fruits are harvested during the summer time. Obviously, they are nature's way of providing for us extra sources of water during the summer. Hydration during the summer months is very important to keep our bodies cool and to keep our skin moisturized. By the way, if you are prone to acne and your skin gets dry during the summer months, the chances of you getting ugly acne scars become bigger. Rather than saving up for acne scar removal treatments, head to the market and stock up on these summer fruits:
  • Honeydews, Melons, and Watermelons - These fruits are watery and are the best ones to eat this summer. Expect them to be sweeter during this time of the year, too. 
  • Mangoes and Papayas - They are rich in Vitamin C and potassium which makes them perfect for providing much needed energy and resistance against diseases.
  • Pineapples - Pineapples are not only juicy sweet but are excellent sources of fiber as well. Our bodies need more fiber during the summer months to help in digestion.
So this summer, don't just think about the cool summer outfits that you'll get to wear on your trips to the beach. Don't forget to stock up on summer fruits, too.

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