Wednesday, February 17

I think I'm having a breakout!

After our Bohol trip in the last week of January, I started experiencing itching on my lower arms. Rashes appeared and I was not able to resist scratching them. I think it's skin asthma and it may be because of the sudden change in temperature. We had rainy days in Bohol and I experienced extreme heat in Manila as soon as we stepped out of the airport.

Now, two weeks have passed and the days have become really hotter here. I'm starting to scratch my cheeks, too. Although I haven't seen rashes coming out yet, I'm afraid of having them. I haven't had any problems on having acne ever! I've read that sudden changed is temperature can cause acne. That plus the fact that I often sleep late because of my work. Sigh. I think I'd better start researching on a home remedy for acnenow while it's just starting. Do you have any suggestions?

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