Friday, February 19

Fasting and Abstinence

It is the Lenten Season once again and I am one with my fellow Roman Catholics who practice fasting and abstinence during this season. It's Friday and we cannot eat red meat. Well, I don't even eat chicken during Fridays of Lent. Being a diabetic, I cannot fast as I closely monitor what I eat and the time of the day when I eat. As for the my daily protein requirement, I get it from fish and eggs.

Dauis Church

Abstinence from food is not the only thing that we do during the Lenten season. Personally, I resolved to refraining from the little comforts that I usually enjoy on normal days. I also read a plurk that abstinence of words can also be done when we can try to resist cursing or saying hurtful words to others. I think I can manage that.

There's also a friend who wrote about how she will lessen her Facebook usage as her sacrifice for Lent. I cannot reduce my online usage because of work but I think that I have already significantly lessened my FB activities. I don't even play games anymore.

Abstaining from yummy food and other comforts in life is easier said than done. I'm glad I haven't forgotten what I cannot have last Ash Wednesday and the first Friday of fasting and abstinence which is today. I'll just motivate myself and have comfort in the fact that I can lose weight without even taking slimquick extreme. No, but seriously, it really is a comforting thought that I can somehow sacrifice small things to remember Christ's sacrifice.

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