Monday, February 22

Excited on a new project and more!

Over the weekend, I met up with blogger friends for a writers' meeting. We just signed a 5-month contract as contributing writers for a local website! Actually, it's my second contract for the same local client and that is why I am so happy. At least, I am sure to have a steady stream of writing assignments until July. I am still praying for more writing gigs until my youngest brother graduates in 2011.

Compared to what I earn from my oDesk writing projects, my local client pays more. Besides, I find it better to coordinate with fellow Filipinos than foreign bosses. Not that I'm complaining as I have had the best foreign bosses in oDesk, too!

Tomorrow will also mark the start of our major home renovation project. We were blessed with extra savings this time that we could finally afford to build my dream kitchen and dining area. It would be built as an extension at the right side of our home. That will give our main home more space as we can already transfer the dining table to the extension. We have found a reliable contractor in the person Mang Bobot, a neighbor's relative. We have already seen his past construction projects within our village and he's earned our approval. He's taking care of everything including the coordination of tasks among his pool of workers. At least, we won't need to conduct an employee screening of construction boys anymore. After everything's built, all we would need to do is to buy a new oven and hood. By the way, Mang Bobot's going to build me a kitchen counter that's going to look like a mini-bar.

Oh, I forgot to write about the new 2-seater couch and coffee table set that we ordered last week. It's made to order and will be delivered by March 17. Happy happy, joy joy! Am I excited or what?

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3 sweet comments:

eRLyN said...

woot woot :) hurray for more projects :)

wentot said...

good job!

eRLyN said...

woot woot :) hurray for more projects :)