Friday, January 15

Skiing vs Snowboarding

Living in a tropical country makes me ignorant to ski holidays. I have never seen snow in the flesh, yet. This is one of my dreams in life. And while I am still waiting for that opportunity, our Wii game console gives me the opportunity to play a winter sport. My husband bought the "Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games" disc and it's where I play skiing and snowboarding.

Skiing vs.snowboarding, is one better than the other? I have been somehow engrossed in the sport since I starting playing the Mario & Sonic game. Of course, the real thing will be as doubly harder than the Wii game. I enjoyed it so much that I had to make some research. Here are some of the thoughts I gathered:

Skiing gives each of your leg a ski which means you have more control of your movements through a snowy terrain. Snowboarding makes both of your legs strapped to one board. Leaning forward and sideways are the ways you can control your descend.
Snowboarding gives more chances for exhibition moves than skiing. This is the reason why the sport is preferred by the more adventurous skier. Skiing is best for skiers who want a relaxing glide down the snowy mountains.
Skiers can get on and off lifts immediately. Snowboarders need to unstrap their boards first.

With all of these in mind, I think I'll be better off skiing than snowboarding. The again, I still have more time to decide on this. Probably, this will be possible when I get the chance to visit my relatives in Canada or the United Kingdom. For now, I'm gonna train my ski legs playing Mario & Sonic.

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