Thursday, January 14

Cholesterol Supplements?

Back in October, I wrote about the pain in my tummy and how it was linked later on to having a fatty liver. The laboratory tests and blood work done on me revealed that, indeed, my bad cholesterol level (LDL) is way above what's normal. I got 4.74 mmol?l when the normal range should only be within 0.0 to 3.3. I was advised to take one 20 mg tablet of Simvastatin daily for two months. I was supposed to go back to my doctor but I haven't visited her yet. We'll have a repeat of the lab tests and blood work to see if my LDL has gone down.

With the exception of the times I ate during the holiday season, I honestly made it a point to stay away from a high fat diet. I toomy my prescription pill religiously and I think that it worked. The pain in my tummy is lessened. Sometimes, I don't feel it all. Now, aside from staying away from fatty foods, I also exercise regularly at home.

Upon browsing the internet, I discovered that there are actually other cholesterol treatments available other than the Simvastatin that was prescribed to me. Most of the ingredients in cholesterol supplements are natural herbs and extracts. I still need to do more research about their link to lowering bad cholesterol levels in the human body. I probably won't be popping one into my mouth as I'm decided to the battle plan I made in October.

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