Saturday, January 16

Side Effects of Diet Pills

Is it possible to use diet pills without side effects? I think not. Honestly, I think that the problems I have with my liver now are partly caused by the various diet pills I took in since puberty. I tried Phentermine, fat burners, and Orlistat. Yes, they helped me fight the fat but, when I stopped taking them, I gained more fat than what I lost.

I am not proud that I took diet pills. I was already aware of diet pills side effects but all I cared about then was getting slim. If only I knew better back then. Now, I set all of them aside and resolved to a healthy diet and regular exercise. I hope it's not too late for me yet.

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Ronald Ashcraft said...

Oh..!! That’s really sad..!!

I also have heard from many friends that Phentermine diet
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