Tuesday, December 15

Points To Consider in Looking for an Anti Virus Software

When I bought my laptop in March, it came bundled with a Norton Anti Virus trial software that got me covered for free for 90 days. After that, I was prompted to buy a licensed version which I did not do for obvious reasons. One is that I find it too expensive to buy when I can opt to find a free anti virus software instead. My initial step was to download the latest free version of AVG but most of my blogger friends recommended that I switch to Avira. I did and, so far, I think it's doing good for me.

Other than the price, there are also other points I consider in looking for an antivirus software. Here are just some of them:
  • It should be light so as not to slow down the performance of my laptop;
  • It should also be an anti-spyware;
  • It should be able to scan, detect, and remove rootkits;
  • It should be able to detect threats from downloaded email; and
  • It should be able to scan, detect, and remove malware.
Did I miss out on some things? I'll appreciate if you have more tips to add. :)

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