Saturday, December 5

Lovin' Ms. D

You have seen her already but I haven't properly introduced her yet. Ms. D is our new Nikon D5000. My boys have thought of a lot of names before we finally settled on calling her as such. Yes, it's a she. Short of saying that I'm more of the owner than my husband, hahaha!

I'm still a newbie in DSLR photography but I started to read some tips on DSLR photography sites. Up to now, my shots are still amateurish but I now have quite a few that can be considered good. I'll attend my first photography class next weekend while my boy's on a school camping activity. Hopefully, my photography skills will be better after that.

A photographer friend once said, "It's the Indian, not the arrow." Meaning to say that it's the skill and not the gadget. Still, DSLR cameras have advantages compared to point and shoot digital cameras. With DSLR cameras, the photographer has the free hand on setting the right shutter speed, aperture, and exposure to come up with the effect that he or she wants.

I'm going to update you on how my lessons will go next weekend. For now, I'm leaving you with one of my few good shots. I'd be glad to read your thoughts about it.

love n peace

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