Monday, December 7

Laptops VS Netbooks

Laptops are out, netbooks are in. I saw this line from one online seller. Netbooks have become so popular this year that every computer brand his its own line of netbook series.

Before we bought my Lenovo Y330 in March this year, I was thinking of buying a netbook. First, my budget was only within the price range of netboooks. Second, I wanted a laptop that's light to carry when I'm mobile. My husband rejected the idea and offered to buy the laptop for me. He insisted that I needed a laptop more since my work is online. He said that a netbook will not be able to handle the bulk of my online work and that my computing activities will be too limited.

Now that I think about it, I thank him for proving his point. I got to realize what he meant more when I won a netbook in a blogging contest last August. Yes, netbooks have limited features. That's why we ended up giving the netbook to our son. I get to use it only when I'm away from home and I need to be online. Still, when I need to bring work with me to a coffee shop while doing mommy errands, I still bring my Lenovo.

Take this from me: netbooks are smaller, lighter, and more inexpensive but they are more suited for Internet surfing and light computing activities. It's good for a second laptop or if you already have a PC at home. Go for the laptop if you need to have bigger hard disk space, bigger memory capacity, and a DVD drive.

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