Thursday, November 5

Buying a DSLR for Christmas

Aaaah! This is it! Can you imagine me jumping for joy? Finally, we're gonna buy a DSLR for Christmas. It's actually my husband's gift to himself as he's really the one who has the skilled eye in taking photographs. I'm still excited, though, because I will also get to use that for sure!

We're contemplating on buying a Canon or a Nikon. Most of my blogger friends use Nikon DSLR cameras. They even showed me where to buy one in Quiapo.I really am still a newbie when it comes to DSLRs and I'm not familiar with the techie terms listed in the specs of camera reviews.

We're actually leaning towards getting a Canon since our digital camera is a Canon and I find the brand very reliable. Our video camera is not a Canon, though, but a Sony. I have yet to try a Nikon gadget for me to trust the brand. Canon is more pricey from what I gathered but I don't want to scrimp on the cost and sacrifice the quality.

I initially thought that buying a DSLR is just an easy task. Now I know that there are lot of things to consider before getting one. Do you have any tips and suggestions? I would love to read some from you.

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Nicely said...

Hello, Maui! Small world naman, blogger ka din tapos kapatid mo pa si Lloyd, who was my schoolmate in ADU way back grade school days.

If I were you, I would go for CANON... I've been longing to buy CANON EOS 1000d but since my cousin wants to upgrade, I'll be having her SONY Alpha a200 this Nov. 15 bilang pamana. Saka na lang me bili pag may enough budget to afford my luxury.

Bili na kayo ni hubby alex. Malapit na Christmas!