Sunday, November 1

Any Problems With Acne?

I am glad that I don't. In fact, I didn't have acne problems ever since. I guess it helps that I seldom wear make up. The worst I got to have is a pimple or two when I am ovulating. Acne can be a big problem for diabetics and it's not just for aesthetic reasons that I fear having acne. Having acne means having open wounds and you know how slow it is for my wounds to heal.

What I do to avoid spending hundreds of bucks on an acne treatment session or acne treatment creams is to avoid rupturing the pimple. I don't care if my face looks ugly for weeks with a big pimple on it but I patiently wait for it to dry and peel off by itself. My skin care regimen includes washing my face with a gentle facial foam and water then moisturizing afterwards. My moisturizer is grease-free too because you wouldn't want something oily if you want to avoid having acne. I seldom wear make up and, if I do, I go for the simple look. I just put on liquid eyeliner and mascara on my eyes, tint my lips and cheeks, and loose face powder.

I've read some articles that link acne with Type II diabetes especially when the acne sufferer is beyond 40 years old but this has yet to be proven with scientific research. Diabetic or not, having acne is still a big problem for anyone. I hope you're as lucky as I am.

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