Thursday, October 8

Schizophrenic Kids, Kinda Impossible But True

Yesterday, I was able to read the story of Jani Schofield, the 7-year old schizophrenic kid featured recently on Oprah. I was moved with emotions both for Jani and her family because it is hard to be dealing with this mental condition at an early age. Her family also had to adjust their lives for her because she has become violent. She and her brother lives in two separate apartments because there have been incidences of her hurting her brother. Her parents take turns in sleeping over their separate apartments.

Jani talks about Calalini, the world that her schizophrenic mind has created for her to believe. She talks about the creatures in this world too and how they tell her to do bad things. You know, sometimes, we parents think that having imaginary friends are normal for children her age. Her parents thought the same way too until Jani became violent.

I have taught special kids with autism, Down's Syndrome, and ADHD and I felt sad for them for having these conditions. Now, after reading Jani's story, I feel that they are luckier in some ways. With therapy and special education, they can be taught to be functional individuals in this society. Not even a free concerta coupon can treat Jani because doctors said that hers is a lifelong condition that needs to be monitored closely because of her violent tendencies. I can only pray for Jani and her family. She's still an angel, no matter what her mental condition makes her do.

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