Tuesday, October 27

Looking For A Wise Investment

I recently hooked a writing deal with a local client that gives me guaranteed monthly writing projects. It's like I'll be receiving a regular monthly pay except that I'm just a contributing writer. I really am so happy because, with that extra income, I can now start saving for myself. I'm still helping my parents send my youngest brother to college and the bulk of my freelance writing payments goes to his college fund. What's left with me is just enough to pay my credit card bills.

So, I was thinking, what could be a wise investment for that extra income. I'm not really a fan of savings accounts in banks since I know from experience that you really don't get to earn a lot from that. I am thinking of upgrading my gadgets since I heavily rely on them for work. I may buy myself the 3-in-1 printer I was eyeing since last year. I may also get a term life insurance for myself. Insurances are never a bad investment, don't you think?

My list is not yet final as I am still on the lookout for wise investments for my hard earned money. Any suggestions?

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