Saturday, October 24

Doctor's Clinic Boo Boo

Before you go on reading, promise you won't laugh or think that I am stupid. As in promise!

Last week, I went to my OB-Gyne to ask for help since I didn't have my monthly period since July. The home pregnancy test kit showed a negative result and that's when I knew that my bleeding had to be induced... again. It is never healthy for ladies to forego three months without the monthly menses. Especially so if your ovaries have cysts, like how my ovaries are.

So, anyway, my doctor instructed me to take Duphaston, one tablet a day for five days which was something new for me. My former doctor had prescribed it once for ten days and I always bleed anytime within those ten days. This time around, five days have gone and not a single drop of blood. I had my morning urine tested and the pregnancy test kit still showed a negative result. I was worried and I decided to go back this morning to my doctor.

She was surprised to see me back so soon! OMG, I was really embarrassed. She reminded me that I had to expect my menses within ten days after I finished taking 5 Duphaston pills. I'm glad that my doctor was a funny and approachable one. And I am glad too that my visit this morning was free care of my health insurance provider. I could have wasted 400 pesos for this doctor's visit that was 9 days too early. Take it from me, if you don't have a health card, now' the time to ask around for an insurance quote.

Lesson learned: I am getting forgetful by the minute so, I guess, I need to bring someone with me when I visit my doctors. Just in case I forget the instructions, there would be someone to remind me. Today, I was with my husband. And just in case I forget again and he's not around, do remind me that I need to visit my doctor on November 3.

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