Wednesday, September 30

Ondoy's Wrath in Greenwoods Executive Village, Cainta

Thank God, I was able to deliver groceries to my parents' home today! My mom has been calling about how hard it is for them to buy food inside the village. We were finally able to get in the village through the Taytay gate. I wasn't able to get out of the car though. We had to park near the clubhouse along Tulip St. because the water is still high along Chestnut Street.

Going inside the village through the Pasig gate is almost impossible. As of today, I have received reports that the flood water in Mercedes Avenue and Sandoval Avenue can reach up to his waist. The village offers free rides to its residents going out of the village to Pasig. My brother tells me that for a few days now, he rides a truck from Greenwoods to Rotonda, Pasig.

Here are some photos I took while we were inside Greenwoods:

Sandalwood Street

Tulip Street. This road leads to my parents' home, the one at the end of this street.

My sister and I were talking about my dad's SUV that was parked in her place in Vista Verde when the great flood happened. As it turned out, the SUV would have been submerged deeper in the flood if it was parked in Greenwoods. This is also one of our big problems after the flood. The SUV needs to be repaired and some of the truck accessories need to be replaced. Not to mention that we need to pay my youngest brother's tuition fee next week as it is already their final examinations for this semester. The flood really came in a bad timing but we're hanging on. I believe that all of this shall pass and the Lord will give us more blessings to replace what we have lost.

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