Friday, August 21

Moving Out Essentials

I just finished talking to my sister over the phone and she shared the good news that they may be already leaving for Australia in February. I am so happy for her and her husband because the migration is really part of their long-term plan. Now, the problem is they've already been married for more than a year and over that period they have acquired some appliances and furniture. She told me she's not keen on selling her desktop computer and that she'll just be leaving it to my care. But how about their other things? I guess she will have to box the smaller things up and haul them over to my mom's place.

In my entire married life, we have already made three move outs. The last one was the hardest because we had more things to move to the new place. Although the cardboard moving boxes were a big help, we still had to get rid of the bigger furniture that we cannot use in our new place anymore. I remember how happy the garbage collector was when we gave him Ralph's old mattress. At least someone got to sleep on a more comfy place so I don't feel too bad about that.

As much as I am excited for my sister and brother-in-law, I am also feeling anxious on devising the perfect moving out strategy for them.

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