Friday, August 21

Fly, Ride, or Drive?

My sister-in-law and her family will be flying home soon and with that we'll be spending our New Year celebration in Naga City. This is the first time we'll be celebrating a holiday with her and the kids. We will also be seeing our new princess, Gabby!

As soon as I got news about their homecoming, I checked Cebu Pacific to see how the airfare to Naga City was. If we were to reserve our tickets now, it will only be less than 7 thousand pesos for our 3 round trip tickets and that's inclusive of taxes. The airconditioned bus to Naga City is now priced at 600 pesos at a minimum and if we get the Lazy boy type, the fare is around 1 thousand bucks per seat. When we took the car a few months ago, we had to fill our tank with more than 3 thousand bucks of gasoline.

Although the driving option is the cheapest, it's the least preferred in my list because it means that I will be the navigator for the entire 8-hour drive. Having gps systems here in the country has not happened yet. It would surely be a big help for me.

We haven't purchased our plane tickets yet but I guess we will need to arrive at a decision ASAP. What do you think? Should we fly, ride, or drive?

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